Sector 44

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Haor Chall Engineering has attempted to show its might by invading the small mining planet of Tierell I. Sources on the ground have stated that Haor Chall started by building simple hotels in an isolated part of the planet. Once news of this invasion made its way to the local authorities, the leaders of Star's End Mining Company were called and a response team was deployed to make short work on the Haor Chall's invasion.

Meanwhile a mercenary group calling itself Sector 44 had also heard the call for help. Having their own agendas in mind they decided to make their way to the now busy system of Tierell in hopes of plying their skills for top dollar.

Sector 44 did as promised and stemmed the tide of the invasion, turning the rout by Haor Chall into an exercise of communication, teamwork and organized chaos. Firstly Sector 44 helped by escorting the diplomatic teams of SEMCO planet wide to ensure the locals were not swade by Haor Chall's maneuvers, also by being instrumental in powering up the sheild network, which had been constructed by Stars End Mining leaders.

With their homes more secure than ever, locals began to flock to the Sector 44 banner to help keep their homes from the oppression of any potential invasion force that may come their way.

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Sector 44 or S44, as those within its ranks like to refer to themselves as, is a group of beings who have several ideals backing and molding their paths and influencing their futures.

Ideals such as security for the masses and safety for the next generation to flourish are what these gentle beings have come to realize is most needed within the galaxy at large, and they are more than willing to fight for what they believe in.

With oppressive governments trying to take more and more control at the cost of small time business and families grinding out a lowly existence and major pirate and criminal organizations taking on whatever is left the common being is stuck with very little recourse but to find themselves a rock to hide under or a private security firm who is willing to help them survive and prosper.

It is time for our ranks to grow as the need for our services continue to grow. Tierell I was a planet in need of our help, now they are our friends and wish us to stay and act as their first and last lines of defence.

With all that has happened now in the history books of SEMCO, others have requested our assistance as well. After such a great outcome of the defence of Tierell I, two new star systems have been acknowledged as requiring our help.

It would be unjust of us to let these people suffer at the hands of any threat to their "normal" lives as they have worked so hard to make a home for themselves on planets that were barely able to sustain life at one time.

For those of you out there wishing to aid us in our continued efforts to keep our friends safe, we would gladly accept you into our numbers. However being a security group like ours we are paranoid of all outside our circle so trust will need to be earned and will not come easy. Then again our task ahead of us is one far greater than most will undertake.

We will of course have teams going through out the galaxy helping those that request our help. Everything from security runs, to initial deep space scans for potential threats, to upon occasion escorting and/or transporting criminals or digitaries. We will be providing security services to as many a people as our time and manpower will allow.

Our wages are decent, our technology may not be the best but we know how to use it to the fullest of its abilities. And assignments are plentiful. SO if your active and interested, we are interested to hear from you.